Endeavor is a high-end 24/7 fitness center, with the latest in premium brand fitness equipment from Technogym, Lifefitness and Cybex. From the best cardio equipment to the full line of Olympic Free Weights, Endeavor as a facility is second to none. The best aspect of Endeavor Fitness isn’t the equipment, nor is the unfettered access, it’s the customized fitness and nutrition program that creates the best results for each member’s individual needs.
What’s the point of joining a gym, if as a member, you aren’t seeing results? The gym equipment does play a part and the ease of access is nice, yet if there isn’t a physical change to your body, what’s the point? The gym industry has lost its way, gym businesses are more worried about how much stuff they have, or how to lock members into contracts instead of focusing on results. The equipment is a tool to aid in results, the fitness and nutrition plan, as well as the facilities atmosphere need to take precedence. Endeavor Fitness is changing the culture of the “gym” to focus on achieving results at very affordable prices, each facility just happens to have the best and newest equipment as well.




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