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What is Endeavor Fit Group Training? 

Endeavor Fit is a group based fitness class. When we say class, we mean that we teach the proper execution of restistance training form in a group setting (think of it as personal training in a group setting.) Equal parts of purposeful restistance training and high intensity interval training.  

Endeavor Fit is a functional fitness program. This class uses free weights in our training methods (we don't mean bodybuilding or power lifting.)  We teach the proper way to use free weights. We're fotunate to run this class in a completely equipped fitness center. The variety of our training options is unmatched. After several weeks of our instruction, any participant will feel empowered to workout anywhere, at the proper intensity, with the correct form.  

This class is the right fit for you if you've ever wanted to: 

  1. Gain lean muscle
  2. Lose stubborn body fat
  3. Find your lost metabolism
  4. Feel stronger
  5. Increase confidence 
  6. Sleep better
  7. Learn structure and discipline


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